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june 4, 2002 made a rematch ad of the Scorpion KO tournament, in which Henry, Nakata and Totti fight Figo, Ronaldinho and... someone else to score the first hundred goals to win... something. Hey, it was never clearly stipulated. At some point in the match Cantona, who is hosting the 'tournament', is clearly high on acid and starts rambling stuff, going, "Ooos on fire? Henry is on fire!" and Henry pauses to look up with a raised eyebrow. Classic. May I state for the record that although my allegiance belongs firmly to Arsenal Football Club, Nakata Hidetoshi is absolutely fucking gorgeous, and the Henry-Nakata-Totti team looks like the world's answer to 'Who Are The Most Fit Men On The Planet?'. No, not 42. More later, probably after the next France match.

march 28, 2002

Saw cool Henry poster ('Triple Espresso') on shoplot in town, but am going to Newcastle tomorrow. If it's still there on Tuesday when I get back, I'm going to go out until 2 am and then take the N10 back and rip it off the wall and cackle with glee all the way back to my hostel.

Henry has, by the way, a new tattoo. My kindest of kind roomates bought a newspaper, and discovered a picture of him in the sports section (why it was there I do not know; perhaps to demoralise the average male sports reader, aside from making girls gibber and drool). I think though that advertising and capitalism is getting truly ridiculous when sports personalites tattoo brand icons on their bodies. It's a cool tattoo. But knowing that it was done for a Nike campaign kind of deflates its coolness.

Oh, hell, I should just be grateful for the picture now, shouldn't I?

Will probably put up a website for future rants on Henry and Ljungberg and Arsenal in time. I'm too tired to man (woman) a regular newsite, and college does not allow that much time. In future. Everything hangs suspended in some kind of balance.

Like Henry in midair. He has a new pair of shoes, by the way, apparently so light you can't even feel them on your feet. Evil scenarios spring to mind, especially involving Keown's red boots getting jealous for losing the limelight and the consequent massacre following a tough game, unwitnessed by any in the locker-rooms of Highbury; another would be Henry tracking mud all over Bobby's living room ("Ah, sorree, Bobbee, but Martin's boots, they ate my slippers."). Now I'm debating if I should post what I just wrote. Hell, I will. It's not like anyone's going to read it :) Well, not anyone who'd care, and certainly not the Robert Pires' Home Hygiene Fan Club. Or Nike.

This is long.

Finally, I know this is not my decision to make, but I want Henry to cut his hair. @FC is starting to make brilliant remarks on the state of his 'topiary', and while I enjoy the wit and charm of @FC as much as any other Gooner, the hair is advancing. People who know me (who do not read this, thus defaulting the next statement) will know that I impose short hair on almost every man I know, bar John Frusciante, but John Frusciante, he has an excuse, he plays guitar. Footballers should have cropped heads. Unless they're Freddie Ljungberg (in whose case it is highly entertaining to keep an eye on his hairstyle/color), or the Nevilles (in whose case it really doesn't matter for really mean reasons I can't say here because I've already mortally insulted Scum and cannot insult 'his' team any more [this week]).

Yes, this is long. Picture of Henry playing in funny long blue France jersey coming soon. Must find webhost first.

january 27, 2002

Arsenal beat Liverpool. Henry happy. But got hit in mouth and was bleeding for entire match. Most distressing news.

Lack of updates (and verbosity) due to much college work. Also most distressing. On plus side, note that in Imperial College exists at least one senior undergrad who is the spitting image of Henry. Further updates on match: They sent Bergkamp off? What? Need to watch ITV highlights tonite.

october 12, 2001

yes, I've not been exactly hopping with the updates later have I? here's a run-up of stuff that happened recently.

8Oct01 from 'Thierry started the historic game against Algeria and scored France's third goal. The game was abandoned twelve minutes from time following a pitch invasion by French Algerians.'

5Oct01: 'I am very satisfied with my form so far, although we have dropped some silly points in the league and been beaten twice in the Champions League... But I'm here to win trophies and do well for Arsenal. And I owe a lot to Arsene Wenger for bringing me here. He has been a great help when things have not been good.'

29Sep01: a quick look at @FC - Derby 0 Arsenal 2, both from Henry (a 'sublime' free kick, the first nice words they've said about Henry in a long time, and then a penalty. @FC are very good at finding the right words but better if the right words are insults).

26Sep01: also from @FC (come on and tell us who else writes better match reports?) on the Panathinaikos-ARsenal draw 'apparently after the game Thierry Henry went barking mad, screamed at the opposition that they were a bunch of ‘heating shunts’ (my lip reading’s a bit rusty) and then indulged in a bit of scary finger pointing. Then he had to suffer the ignominy of being restrained by that other hard man, Arsene ‘I’m the Daddy’ Wenger. If only Henry had displayed the same passion in the preceding ninety minutes then this tie would have been sewn up instead of stitched up.' all right, not good to hear, but bloody funny.

september 23, 2001

out of the blue, ArseOnline reports that, "a Schalke fan throws a lighter at Thierry Henry and its Arsenal who could end up being punished for this idiot's behaviour! No, we're not making this up. According to UEFA it could be a security issue and therefore Arsenal's responsibility for the actions of a travelling fan."

Bollocks! Anyone who throws stuff at Henry (bar Keown - I'm not messing with 'im, I'm not) is asking for a kick in the mouth from me.

september 16, 2001

Fulham 1 Arsenal 3: Henry scored the second goal in the 80th minute. Gooners the world over were thus made happy because it meant three points. His finishing has been a bit off in previous games, so it's nice to hear he was trying most hard in this one. All manners of chips and tips and lobs he tried, he did.

august 27, 2001

Arsenal 4 Leicester City 0: Henry came on for Wiltord with 28 minutes left on the clock and apparently didn't do too well, despite netting a nice one - making it his 50th goal for Arsenal. Lots of one-on-ones missed and "a great Cole cross was watched by Henry who has stopped his run for some unknown reason" (Arsenal World). [henry goal]

august 20, 2001 "Parlour's header from a Sylvain Wiltord right-wing cross hit Windass on the back. The ball fell kindly to Henry, who smashed a right foot volley into the left-hand corner of the goal." Mathematical. And so did Arsenal beat Middlesborough 4-0. This is [Henry's goal] courtesy of Arsenal World.

august 17, 2001

happy birthday m. henry: has also revamped the site, causing it to look rather sparsely hideous, but adding several nifty features including a player's forum for each first-team player where you can argue with other Gooners over how each player is kicking at the moment.

on a side note, the ultimate Arsenal fanzine has moved to []. They're as good as ever though. Go. Now.

august 14, 2001

Marta: thank you, thank you, thank you for the Arsenal catalogue. I will work my friend's scanner to death later in the week. You are an angel.

Barnet 1 Arsenal 6: Henry got one in after coming on for Francis Jeffers.

On a lighter side, there is also evidence that M. Henry has been having fun, thanks to Nike. Fluid Pants? Really, sir. At least choose a decent colour, not bright orange. To his credit, thought, he did look good - when does he not? [this is a rhetorical question, but I will accept photographic evidence as answer, thank you].

august 7, 2001

[new pictures] added to the photo archive.

AS Roma 1 Arsenal 0: ouch. added to that the fact that a fan apparently tried to pinch a Roma shirt from Henry that he had swapped with one of the players, albeit unsuccessfully. oh well.

Henry on Sol Campbell, after the Mallorca game: 'I am happy Sol is playing for us, because he used to kick me and now he's going to play with me... Seriously, it's important that he joined us - he's an international class defender. He didn't have enough time to show it today - but it was difficult to run past him when he was playing for Tottenham.'

from calcermaceitaoahbuggerit: "Strasbourgh and French Under 21 National team forward Pegguy Luyindula said to have refused Juventus after listening to Thierry Henry's opinion: 'It was useless to join Juventus. I'd have been on the bench, footstop. I called Thierry Henry, who played with Juve and he told me it would have been a sin to join Juve to spend a year on the bench.'"

july 31, 2001

bout of friendlies, Real Mallorca 0 Arsenal 2, own goal from Mallorca and the second from Van Bronkhorst (agh, speling). from arseweb: "But Arseweb can't go without mentioning the new haircuts. It's a familiar footballer phenomenon, to bring in a new hairstyle over the summer..." and went on to mention that "...Thierry Henry was shaven clean..."

And he looked so nice in the Arsenal catalogue with his skinhead cut. Damn.

july 27, 2001

Looky who's got a special interview in this issue of the AFC's official mag. Other news: Henry scored one of two Arsenal goals in a recent friendly. Arsenal play Real Mallorca soon, then AS Roma, sort of international pre-season friendlies. Yes! Football lives once again.

saturday, July 21, 2001

Wow, news. ANR says that "Thierry Henry will wear the Mercurial 02 footwear at the World Cup next summer."

Sorry about the deadness. There's nothing to report and I'm working on a comic, a book and miscellaneous drawings. Argh! The comic is of course inspired by my two top footballers and you can see what's been going on at

Borehamwood 0 Arsenal 2, but Henry was not fielded.

june 6, 2001

Henry is still out of international duty from his earlier injury, but France are going about beautifully well anyway - the five-nils, four-ones banging in the nets without much difficulty save one loss to Australia, one of the goals courtesy of Robert 'Goofy' Pires. Aside from the usual rash of this-big-club-wants-Henry, that-big-club-wants-Henry crap flying around, nothing greatly alarming looms on the horizon.

on a purely wild tangent, I feel like setting up a Vieira site, but my free time would not exist if I did. My respect for the man is however beyond all mortal bounds.

The Arsenal Imp project is also at a standstill. For the uninitiated, RHX has decided to set up Arsenal Imp Adoption, in which you can adopt an imp of your favorite player to put on your website. Nine imps are currently in my computer, but not coloured. Perhaps in July.

may 27, 2001

just in from the mighty arseweb: "Thierry Henry has been ruled out of the French squad for the trip to the confederations cup in Japan. He's had a fitness (back?) problem in training with his French teammates, and is now having tests to establish the cause. Wiltord, Pires, and Vieira are all still going. The competition starts on May 30th.

Henry has been replaced by 26 year old Bastia striker Fred Nee, getting his first call-up. Great surname, worth signing just for the 'bring us a shrubbery' chants."

may 14, 2001 article [ read] on Henry who is not leaving (get that out of your head Juve) despite, you know, what just happened. In fact he's quite determined not to let it happen again. Good for him. Personally I think I'll just beat up every Liverpool fan I see from now to September.

Also from "Henry challenged referee Steve Dunn to watch the video of the FA Cup final moment when Arsenal believed they were robbed of a clear-cut penalty in their shattering last-gasp defeat by Liverpool. Henry insisted Liverpool's Stephane Henchoz used a hand to keep out his 17th-minute shot and said: 'The referee just laughed at me when I said it was a penalty but I told him to look at it again on video and he will know he was wrong. Even Henchoz told me it was a handball. I spoke to him at the end and told him he was lucky because not only was it a penalty but also a red card and the game would have been very different if it had been 11 men against ten.

'I missed a great chance to make it 2-0 and if I'd taken it the game would have been over. That's why I don't want to talk about this too much about the penalty incident because people will say I'm only looking for excuses.

'But it is very hard to accept losing a game like that. It is not so bad if in a final you play badly and lose but for 80 minutes we played much better than them. That's unusual for us against Liverpool. But they take home the Cup instead of us and it is still difficult to believe, but all we can do is congratulate Liverpool. Now I have to come back for Arsenal next season and win some trophies because I know we owe it to the fans.'"

may 6, 2001

arsenal 2 leeds 1: Henry's assist to Fredrik Ljungberg resulted in the first goal. That, and an absolute cracker of a wallop that must still be throbbing in Nigel Martyn's fingers at the start of the game, was about it. A worrying game with lots of yellow cards and Henry somehow not too sharp despite some beautiful backheels and high runs, passing oddly and losing the ball. Perhaps it was the horror of spending so much time on the field with Rio Ferdinand close by? Time will tell.

may 3, 2001

from calciermato: "Rumours from England say that Italian giants Juventus are ready to offer David Trezeguet and $10m for Arsenal's French star Thierry Henry. If both parties agree the transfer, it would be a return to Italy for Henry who already played for Juventus. Henry's record with Arsenal is impressive: 34 goals in 63 matches."

brian dawes: "Henry pulled down a ball out of the heavens as if it was glued to his toe."

Henry named third in the PFA [Player Football Awards], although Vieira who was not nominated Should Have Won Dammit.

april 30, 2001

derby 1 arsenal 2: Henry's cross to Pires resulted in Pires scoring the winner, although both of them were late subs in the game.

vote for Henry in this online [poll] on who will score first in the FA Cup.

from football365, we have the 'optimistic' [aah!,a href="">rh!] Henry article [read].

april 27, 2001

staying a gunner: Henry is quoted at as saying, "I am staying with Arsenal, I feel good there even if it was hard to adjust to English soccer at the beginning. I feel good here and the fans are great. I really want Arsenal to grow at European level."

april 26, 2001

les blues et vous: france beat portugal 4-0 in paris yesterday, Henry scoring in the first half.

shirty-mirty: from elena foo on the arsenal-everton game: "Henry's undergarment [undershirt?] said Christophe, on pense a toi which, according to Mr N Samson means 'Christophe, we're thinking of you'. to which steffan jarman replied: "Not sure about Christophe, I'm sure I've seen TH wear that before. Think it's something to do with a sick kid he knows back in France."

old stuff, but I love the way football365 wrote it: "On his arrival at Arsenal, Thierry Henry remarked that he had found it difficult to adjust to the more physical/gratuitously violent side of the game at which the likeable North Londoners have always excelled. However, he continued, the likes of Tony Adams and Martin Keown had really gone out of their way to toughen him up, nobly and selflessly kicking and punching him the whole time until he learned football the Gooner way. Thierry was convinced they were doing it for his own good, but you have to say that there was a suspicion Tony and Martin might have simply been doing it for fun. "

april 22, 2001

arsenal 4 everton 1; henry supplied fredrik ljungberg with a pass that resulted in arsenal's first goal, and scored the fourth one himself 3 minutes from time. see henry's [goal] thanks to arsenal world.

april 20, 2001

football365 has a Sportonair audio interview with Henry sounding distraught after the match. you should know why. click [here].

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